Mobile cranes

The scope of Liebherr mobile cranes ranges from two-axle 35 tonne cranes to heavy duty cranes with a load bearing capacity of 1,200 tonnes. Fast moving all-terrain mobile cranes and truck-mounted telescopic cranes, compact cranes and also heavy duty lattice boom cranes are deployed all around the world. Long booms, high load bearing capacities and comprehensive convenience and safety equipment ensure a high level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness as, too, do the short set-up times.

Crawler cranes

LR crawler cranes are used around the world where the heaviest of loads need to be moved safely and economically. The cranes impress by outstanding load bearing capacities and load torques, large lifting heights and reaches. With exceptional variability in the boom systems and lifting capacities of up to 3000 tonnes, they offer a particularly wide spectrum of deployment possibilities.

Mobile construction cranes

Liebherr's mobile construction cranes of the MK series combine the mobility of a classic mobile crane with the functional advantages of a tower crane. MK cranes are designed for one-man assembly at the press of a button. As so-called taxi cranes, they are capable of being deployed several times a day. The modern autocrane chassis ensures optimum maneuverability.